Scarlet WR3 - A Wireless Wind Speed Meter You Can Trust
"The Scarlet wireless anemometer WR-3 might be the best wind speed meter I ever used in my career life. It makes my job much easier and I can monitor wind speed in my office under bad weather conditions.."
John Leavy
Project Manager - Kiewit, Pittsburgh PA, USA


Why WR-3

Cable Free

Get rid of traditional cable-type anemometer. Avoid possible risks from machine operation. Scarlet WR-3 anemometer gives users a wireless wind monitoring solution.

Long Life

4-year battery life of wind speed sensor in all weather conditions. The sensor is designed to use in rigid environments such as dessert, ocean and mountains.

Stay Alert

Never worries about high wind. Develop a safer working environment. WR-3 Anemometer sends automatic high-volume alarms based on user settings.

Wireless Sensor

WR-3 adopts 433/868/900 MHz wireless technology to ensure better performance for barrier penetration and achieving long range transmission. The sensors start sending data when wind cups revolve. The sensor will go to sleep mode when wind cups stop revolving for more than 6 hours. Data transmit rate: every 2 seconds.

The ultra-long 400 meter transmission distance makes WR-3 a perfect gadget to help you monitor wind speed on crane and prevent from high wind risks.

wr-3 sensor bearing


Handheld Receiver

Large LCD display shows digital wind speed, temperature and beaufort chart clearly. Anti-slip rubber on two slides helps users hold the receiver in place during work. User-friendly interface and simple button design allows you to operate the device easily with only one hand.

When the wind reaches a certain speed, an alarm will be triggered, and it will continue as long as high wind is detected. The alarm buzzer located on top of the receiver can effectively warn users at the level of 90 dB.


Our Clients



What Our Clients Say

  • I have been using WR-3 on all the lifts in my company for the last 6 months and couldn't be happier with their performances and high quality.

    Hamid Bashir
    Crane Manger Technical Department, DP World KSA
  • We are quite happy with Scarlet WR-3 wireless wind speed meter. It works perfect in our workshops. I highly recommend this wireless anemometer.

    Håkan Pettersson
    Senior Engineer, Support and Services, Saab AB Sweden
  • The Scarlet wireless anemometer WR-3 is the best wind speed meter I ever used in my career life. It makes my job much easier and I can monitor wind speed in my office under bad weather conditions.

    John Leavy
    Project Manager, Pittsburgh PA, USA


Feature Highlight

  • Alarm at exceeded wind speed
  • Rigid sensor form fact
  • Up to 4 years sensor battery life
  • Up to 400 meter long range transmission
  • Shock resistant receiver
  • Sunlight readable large digits LCD display
  • Replaceable wind cups


    • Current, maximum & average wind speed (selectable averaging period)
    • Standard units (knots, m/s, km/h, mph)
    • Beaufor scale graph
    • Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit degree
    • Wind chill
    • Sound alarm at exceeded wind speed
  • Item Description
    Wind Speed Measurement Range 0.1...50 m/s
    Wind Speed Accuracy +/- 3 %
    Wind Speed Resolution 0.1 m/s (under 9.9 m/s); 1 m/s (Above 10 m/s)
    Units of Measurement m/s, km/h, knots, mph, Bf
    Temperature Measurement Range -30....+60 °C, +/- 1 °C
    Dimensions - Sensor height 210 mm; diameter cup to cup 120 mm
    Dimensions - Display unit 94 x 63 x 28 mm
    Averaging period, selectable 2s, 10s, 30s, 2min, 5min
    Display updating every 2 seconds
    Data transmission every 2 seconds
    Measurement interval 2 seconds
    Transmission frequency 868 MHz/ +10 dBm; 908 MHz, 922 MHz (requested by clients)
    Battery - sensor 1 x 3.6 V AA Lithium battery
    Battery - display unit 2 x 1.5 V AA
    Mounting the sensor mounts on a pipe with ø 20 mm diameter
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  • doc

    WR-3 User Manual WR-3 wireless anemometer user manual version 2014.



    WR-3 Data Sheet WR-3 wireless anemometer datasheet version 2014.




  • Q1: What is the accuracy of Scarlet Wireless Anemometer?

    Wind speed accuracy is +/- 3%. We guarantee every wind speed sensors is calibrated and tested before shipment.
  • Q2. Why does WR-3 have such a long battery life?

    The wireless module used on wind speed sensors only requires very low power consumption. The transmission power consumes 20-30 uA in normal condition and 35 mA peak current in every 2 seconds. The standard 3.6V Lithium battery (2400 mAh) can sustain the sensor for 4 years.
  • Q3. What is the actual transmission distance?

    The transmission distance can reach as far as 400 meter in open space. The actual distance depends on the topology & obstacles. According to user experiences, the vertical transmission distance can be 200 meters in height. Harmonic disturbances are possible in theory, but so far we did not receive complaints about this.
  • Q4. How to do pairing?

    Pairing between sensor & receiver is based on address. The address is labeled on the sensor body. User can set receiver address by setting menus. All WR-3 were paired and tested before shipping. If the text instruction is still not clear, please visit this YouTube link.
  • Q5. Can I pair multiple receivers to one sensor?

    Yes. Users can connect unlimited numbers of receivers or combination of different types of receivers to one sensor (for example users can pair WR-3 sensors to WL-11 wireless wind logger).
  • Q6. Do you have a smartphone version?

    Yes. We have bluetooth wireless anemometer for smartphoone (Android and iPhone) users. For more information, please visit our Smart Windy product page.
  • Does WR-3 have Certification?

    Third party certificate can be ordered on demand. The calibration certificate will be issued by SGS Lab.


We Ship Worldwide
All Scarlet products come with one year warranty and free of replacement against manufacturer defects.
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